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Oh the Horror….

I know I wrote about how I was at Sephora the other day visiting the Too Face Semi Sweet Palette, and while I was there I witnessed something that just absolutely makes my skin crawl. I walked around the Urban Decay display to witness a young girl applying a Kat Von D Tattoo liner tester… Continue reading Oh the Horror….

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Frusteration with Sephora reviews

Morning people, I am sitting home sick today and as I am sure we could all guess I like to spend some time farting around on the sephora website and reading reviews for new products and seeing what people don't like about it. For the most part the reviews are great and give a considerable… Continue reading Frusteration with Sephora reviews

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January Ipsy Bag First Impressions- Fresh Start

I have been subscribed to the Ipsy bag for about a year now. I do really enjoy the service and for those of you who are not sure what it is, it is a beauty subscription that sends 4-5 products a month for a fee (in Canada) of $15/ month. They are generally deluxe sample… Continue reading January Ipsy Bag First Impressions- Fresh Start

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CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Review

v=I love this moisturizer. I actually switched from philosophies Hope in a Jar to this and I will never go back. I have to say I was die hard Hope in a Jar as well. For $50 bucks a jar thats saying something savings wise. I bought my Cerave probably almost a year ago and… Continue reading CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Review

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The Project Pan Plan

Hey guys, I will be doing some updates on a few things I have been working on, to help motivate me to keep with it. I have decided to do some "project panning" on some stuff I either don't love, or I have forgotten about in the past and can't seem to get into regular… Continue reading The Project Pan Plan

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Too Faced Chocolate Bar – Original

I bought this for the hype and the smell. I tell you if I was going to purchase this again based on the rating of the smell.. I would buy it times one million. That being said... for me, it doesn't work that great. I know alot of people love it... and I don't mind… Continue reading Too Faced Chocolate Bar – Original

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My Vanity Set Up- Ikea Storage

Evening Ladies and Gents Just wanted to show my Vanity ("battle station") set up, and how I do my make up storage. I am working on making sure I am using everything I have as the collection seems to have gone out of control for awhile. I am by no means bragging or anything like… Continue reading My Vanity Set Up- Ikea Storage

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TheBalm Bahama Mama Review

I will start this post off by saying... I have been using this bronzer every single day for almost a year and just recently hit pan on it. I use it as my contour product, and it needs a very light hand, but has great staying power and I would definitly repurchase. It is 7.08… Continue reading TheBalm Bahama Mama Review

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Makeup Forever Studio Case- Review

This may be the cutest.... BUT WORST PACKAGING EVER. Where are we supposed to keep this giant box?! The actual pallete is not even able to be removed and store in its own seperate sleeve, because they don't give you one! It has to stay in this ginormous box, until its death. And then what… Continue reading Makeup Forever Studio Case- Review

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I went to visit the Semi-Sweet today.

I was wondering the mall with my girlfriend trying to get some of her wedding errands done, and we decided to meander into the local Sephora to see if they have their semi sweet on display yet. I have been thinking about purchasing this pallet for awhile now, and keep thinking about what I already… Continue reading I went to visit the Semi-Sweet today.