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Frusteration with Sephora reviews

Morning people,

I am sitting home sick today and as I am sure we could all guess I like to spend some time farting around on the sephora website and reading reviews for new products and seeing what people don’t like about it. For the most part the reviews are great and give a considerable amount of information but for GODS SAKES! STOP GIVING NEGATIVE REVIEWS FOR BUYING THE WRONG COLOUR!

This is something that makes me tweaky angry. It is not the products fault that you are not clear on what colour works on your skin tone. They have an amazing return policy, if you picked the wrong colour than please return it and buy the right colour.

Also stop giving five star reviews for a product that you haven’t received yet. Just because you just ordered a product and your excited about it doesn’t mean it deserves a 5 star rating. This gives products inaccurate review ratings, and wastes so much time when people are trying to get a handle on whether or not to spend their money.

Some Examples:

On Semi Sweet

5 out of 5
How sweet it is!!
Absolutely love this palette!!
5 out of 5
awesome, too face does no wrong
On Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Pallete (only reserved for VIB currently)
5 out of 5
I ordered the warm neutrals (infinity) pallet I am so excited to play with these shades I am going to get the rose one also and maybe even another one . I can’t believe how silky the shadows are I watched a review on goss makeup artist you tube channel and I ordered it right away ! You must be a VIB ROUGE to order these pallets right now but it will soon be available for everyone to order soon . I think it’s really awesome sephora gives back to there clients who spend so much money @ sephora
Hd InvisibleCoverage Foundation Makeup Forever
1 out of 5
Hands down the best foundation!!
This gives an amazing flawless coverage! When I first put it on I was surprised on how it did not weigh my skin down!! It feels like my skin and gives a beautiful glow an dewy finish. This is worth every penny. I am in love and will repurchase again!

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