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I went to visit the Semi-Sweet today.

I was wondering the mall with my girlfriend trying to get some of her wedding errands done, and we decided to meander into the local Sephora to see if they have their semi sweet on display yet.

I have been thinking about purchasing this pallet for awhile now, and keep thinking about what I already have at home, and what I could duplicate from that pallet from my own collection. I have also been thinking about how badly I want to stop buying the same bloody products in different packaging.

This is the pallete I am talking about:

Too faced Semi-Sweet
Too Faced Semi-Sweet

It is very pretty, the packaging is slim, and my god does it smell like raining chocolate from the heavens above.

I however left that baby sitting right where it was on that shelf. I was disappointed with how much I truly didn’t want or need it when I got into the store. The pigmentation in pink sugar was lacking, it was nothing but some pinkish sparkles with no real colour pay off. Butter pecan (bottom right hand large cream coloured shade) Was so oily from people sticking their fingers in to swatch, that when I swatched it it was patchy and clumpy and rather disappointing.

Once I had gone through those too colours  I didn’t much bother with the rest of them. I took a few more swatches and didn’t note the names of them, and decided to walk away empty handed. Hopefully we have something lovely to look forward to in the spring from all of these companies.

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