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Makeup Forever Studio Case- Review

This may be the cutest…. BUT WORST PACKAGING EVER. Where are we supposed to keep this giant box?! The actual pallete is not even able to be removed and store in its own seperate sleeve, because they don’t give you one! It has to stay in this ginormous box, until its death. And then what do you have? A giant eyeshadow coffin.

Make Up Coffin
Make Up Coffin

***please note*** it does say in the instructions that the box is so big so if you are travelling you are able to store other products underneath the shadows. Alright fine I guess that makes sense.

Ok I am done with that now on to the actual product.

Mattes X 2 Beige and Black
Shimmer/ Irredescent X 10

I wish their were actual names for these shadows as opposed to just having some sort of mystical code we are supposed to just be able to remember. Thats not life… I remember names not numbers. I barely remember my own name for craps sakes.

The Pros-

I love how they break down the eye look for you and you can kind of work with a guide if you don’t really know what you are doing. They break the pallete down into Natural, Smoky, Bold and Chic. The teal in the bold line really jumps out of the packaging as well as when swatched. KIt shows almost exactly as it is in the pallete.

There is also an instruction booklet that comes with the pallete and sits on top of the shadows in between the plastic cover and the lid.

The eyeliner that comes with it is fullsize and matte. I have not worn it as of yet because I am not a big pencil liner type girl. GEL ALL THE WAY. I have heard good things about this though.

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