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My Vanity Set Up- Ikea Storage

Evening Ladies and Gents

Just wanted to show my Vanity (“battle station”) set up, and how I do my make up storage. I am working on making sure I am using everything I have as the collection seems to have gone out of control for awhile. I am by no means bragging or anything like that. This is the only hobby I have other than work, and work isn’t fun or colourful!

Overall View Of Area
Overall View Of Area

I am currently using the Malm Dressing Table, Alex 9 Drawer, and Micke 4 drawer  small tower.

All the links to these products are below. I apologize I am struggling getting them to link properly.


Alex 9 Drawer Unit:


The chair is also from Ikea as are the shelves however they don’t have much to do more than with personal preference, and I don’t recommend the chair. ( It was $10 and is falling apart!)

Close ups of shelving and drawers as well.

Drawer Unit
Drawer Unit
Shelves/ Lipstick Collection
Shelves/ Lipstick Collection

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