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Oh the Horror….

I know I wrote about how I was at Sephora the other day visiting the Too Face Semi Sweet Palette, and while I was there I witnessed something that just absolutely makes my skin crawl.

I walked around the Urban Decay display to witness a young girl applying a Kat Von D Tattoo liner tester directly to her eye.  I know I am unlikely to be the most hygienic person on the planet, I mean I don’t clean my brushes everyday, I rarely even clean them once a week. However I can’t even imagine the disgusting ooze that must be on those testers.

I did some poking around on the internet and found a few things. From an article from Prevention Magazine, “testers and makeup counters were contaminated with a variety of germs, from the type of staph bacteria found on doorknobs to E. coli, a fecal bacteria transmitted via contaminated hands.”  It also does go on to say that most of the products tested are actually cleaned and disinfected frequently by retailers.

You don’t know who has gone to the washroom and come into the store and put their hands all over that eyeliner after failing to wash their hands.  I felt bad for the girl who did it, too young to know any better? I can’t be sure but I do wish someone from the store would have said something, or offered to sanitize the product for her.

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