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The Project Pan Plan

Hey guys,

I will be doing some updates on a few things I have been working on, to help motivate me to keep with it. I have decided to do some “project panning” on some stuff I either don’t love, or I have forgotten about in the past and can’t seem to get into regular rotation again.  I will choose one pallets that doesn’t get much love and use it everyday for 7 days straight.  I just completed my first 7 days with TheBalm Shady Lady Vol 3.


The pigmentation on most of the shades is pretty intense, however I do feel this pallete leaves something to be desired. There is no matte shades for blending out, and the shimmer is very intense. I guess I would refer to this as an incomplete pallete. I had a hard time blending some of these colours and felt as though Fiesty Felicia was unblendable and muddy looking. (BYE FELICIA!)

The names are cutesy, as would be in context with TheBalm’s products.  My favourite shade is definitely “tempting tara” for a lovely silver/gold highlight. I also enjoyed that the shadows were big enough to use as a highlighter for the face if need be. (Be careful with this if you hate glitter)

I am going to be working on TheBalm Shady Lady Volume 2 for the week coming up… I miss my other stuff but I swore I would do this and need to keep myself accountable so here we go!

2 thoughts on “The Project Pan Plan”

  1. I agree with you, I need some matte shades when I buy an eyeshadow palette! I think they should all do half mattes or at least 1/3. I think the colours are gorgeous for nightouts and special occasions but I wouldn’t be able to use it very often!


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