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Too Faced Chocolate Bar – Original

I bought this for the hype and the smell. I tell you if I was going to purchase this again based on the rating of the smell.. I would buy it times one million. That being said… for me, it doesn’t work that great. I know alot of people love it… and I don’t mind it, its just okay. I have the older version of the packaging so it is slightly larger than it needs to be. However all of the current purchases made of this product would definitly be smaller.

Champagne Truffle – Shimmery pink highlight
Salted Caramel- Matte
Milk Chocolate -Matte
Creme Brulee-Shimmer
Hazelnut- Shimmer
Marzipan- Shimmer

Misses for me
Black Forest Truffle
Gilded Ganache
Candied Violet
Triple Fudge
Strawberry Bon Bon

The rest are not great but not terrible so they don’t get any special mention they do what they are supposed to. I know alot of people are all over this pallete however I would not repurchase.


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