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First World Problems of Make up Addict

I know we all love our very serious first world problems… My $7 coffee was made wrong, I am hungry but my fridge is too full of food and I can’t decide what to eat…. We all know what I am talking about.

So what do you ask is my first world make up problem? I slept through my alarm for an hour and couldn’t do my make up properly this morning or I would be SERIOUSLY late for work. I wear gel winged eyeliner everyday and although I am fairly quick with it, today was not my day for making the eyeliner happen on time.

It completely through off my whole day. No wings… What? Tiny beady eyes? Yup that’s me.  Nothing like when people see you with a certain style of liner everyday and all of a sudden it’s changed and people can’t stop asking if you’re tired. PLEASE PEOPLE.

I also didn’t get a chance to photograph my eye make up for the palette per week challenge I have started myself for, but I guess I am not so upset about that because it wasn’t a good look for me anyway. I don’t have a complete handle on how I feel about this Shady Lady Palette.

Let’s hear it people, give me some first world problems…. Don’t leave me hanging!

5 thoughts on “First World Problems of Make up Addict”

  1. I used to hate it when my liner would smudge and im liquid liner challenged. Thankfully I found a smudge proof, water proof, sweat proof pencil that goes on like silk. Now I can even look great at the gym.


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