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I didn’t wake up like this….

The Prettiest

I am not a selfie taker. It’s just not who I am… The selfies I take look like this… but that’s okay because really, who am I trying to impress? (In my defence this is me sans make up after a very long day at work).

Today was a new day for me. I took a selfie… actually I took five, and then stopped trying to get one I didn’t hate, because who really loves a picture they take of themselves? FullSizeRenderIf you want to see my true self, I would strongly recommend checking out my Instagram account. Where I post rarely, but when I do hot damn it’s worth it!

So today I decided to speed up my morning and see how the selfie world lives, while also giving an idea of how many products I use on any given morning, which was more than I had anticipated. So here it is.

Product List: FullSizeRender



Sorry these aren’t the best, I am still working on how to take better pictures and show the make up true to colour. I am learning.

Shadows used:

Lorac: Mauve, White, Taupe

UD: Graffiti

TheBalm: Just this once jamie, tempting tara

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