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The Perfect Palette Tag

As with most make up geeks, (Sorry Marlena, I don’t mean to steal your brand name, but I don’t have a better way to describe myself) I spend a lot of time on Youtube watching everyone’s reviews and advice etc. I have seen the perfect palette tag roaming around a lot and it looks like something to really think about, and something I wanted to participate it. I feel like it’s something I should do once every six months since I feel the need to acquire palettes like it’s a career choice.

For those who prefer video

Best Packaging

This has to go to the Urban Decay Vice Palettes. I have Vice 2,3 and LTD, and they are all beauty. I would leave a link but unfortunately these are not available at the moment.

Vice 2 has a spring-loaded lid, with a big jewelled UD embossed on the front. My favourite feature about this vice is that when they were released, there are no two purple patterns alike. Everyone who has one of these beauties has a different one.  I also love how huge the mirror is on all of them. Much easier to do your make up on the go when you’re looking at a mirror that is actually bigger than your face. Vice 3 came in its own carrying case, and has “Vice” written across the front in the same jewel type script. I think the beauty blogosphere was shocked to see a Vice come out that wasn’t exactly the same as the prior two. I am also a huge fan that this one is actually much thinner than its predecessors. Vice LTD is and was very limited edition, and I believe Sephora did an accident release on that the first go around in October. It is bright greenish-yellow with the UD jewel embossment as well.


Best Color Payoff

Without a doubt UD Electric. I know people are going to argue with me and say “No you crazy person, don’t give me that crap the pigmentation is better in lots of other palettes.” I say, fine you’re probably right, but I read this as the best COLOUR pay off, and baby you don’t get much  better than this for colours. I like those colours on my face.


Most Versatile

Too Faced Carousel. You can take it apart. You can put it back together, You can toss one or two panels in your make up bag, or you can keep it together and hang it on your christmas tree. Or from your ceiling. Wherever really. There is summer looks, winter looks, fall looks, spring looks. Bronzer, blush, mascara, eyeshadow OH MY.


Best for Traveling

And the winner is…. Smashbox Master Class 3. This palette is amazing, and has so much variety in it. I am not a huge traveler but let me tell you, being aSmashbox-Master-Class-Palette-IIIble to fit 3 blushes, bronzer, contour, highlight, and 32 amazingly pigmented shadows is pretty awesome. It comes in a small book, and doesn’t weigh very much considering what you’re bringing. I also like that both sides are covered with a hard plastic topper so nothing will get damaged while in travel. There is a perfect mix of colours and neutrals for any vacation or weekend trip you may be on.

Biggest Regret

Ugh… I HATE this palette. Tarte. Every time… you seriously do this to me EVERY TIME. Why can’t you just be as amazing as people say you are? Why do you have to make me love you and fall into bad spending habits and buy your pretty shit?! Tarte NeutralEyes. Womp. Womp. Womp. Gritty, glittery, powdery poo. Will I give it away? Probably not… because I have a problem. When I feel like I have to get rid of a make-up item I might have a stroke and die.  I won’t even post a picture of it because I don’t want anyone to get any funny ideas of going out and buying this box of shenanigans.

Best Color Names

balmjovi2TheBalm Balm Jovi… like come on. Even the palette name is damn charming. It is a 12 shadow palette with, a blush, a highlighter and two lip/cheek stains. The colours are adorable and so are the names. For example… Alice Copper. Like come on. Who doesn’t want to do their makeup with Alice Copper?

Least Used

There are a few in here and they all make me kind of sad. I will make it quick to make sure the tears don’t start to flow. Marc Jacobs The Vamp.  All of my BH Cosmetics pallets (there is… I think 7. They are just too big and don’t come out of my drawer conveniently! It’s not my fault.)

Most Used

This is probably the most difficult question for me. I don’t have one that sticks out in my mind for things I use the most, I am fairly good at rotating through the s1393636-main-hero-300collection pretty consistently. So I will go with the one that never fails me and I am risking being a lemming with this. Naked 2. Just toss on some YDK and deepen the crease and no matter what I will have a good make up day. Really, who doesn’t like to get naked sometimes?

Most Loved

Lavish. Lavish Lavish Lavish. Anastasia Beverly Hills can do no wrong. This came out last fall I believe and I have just loved it ever since. It was limited edUnknownition so I try not to use it a whole ton. It is probably one of my only palettes where almost every shade has a significant dent in it. It really works for my hazel eyes and ever-changing skin tone. Plus I love the fall and this just reminds me of fall and sweater weather.

Desert Island

Makeup Geek singles. Better quality than make and a much better price.  They would be able to give me a personalized selection and make sure I had what I needed to look awesome on my desert island. Plus if I asked her to Marlena and her staff might ship me some food as well because they are such sweet people! Shout out to and their owner Marlena, she is amazing if you have never checked her out.

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