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Favourite Nail Polish in 2014

In 2014 I got into nail polish for the first time. It only took me 29 years to admit the fact that I can’t do my own nails. So that was my mission last year. I have a girlfriend who can do nail art like no other, and I felt bad constantly taking up her time and Shellac because I was helpless in the nail department.

Enter Formula X from Sephora. It changed my life. I figured out that it wasn’t me that couldn’t do my nails, it was the products I was using. Go figure. So I got into it, I bought all the nail art hootenanny and I taught myself the trade. Practice makes perfect, or slightly better in my case, and I practiced my ass off. These are my polish awards for 2014.

WatermarkedBest Neutral

Opi- Did You Hear About Van Gogh?

This is the perfect “nude” polish for my skin tone, it goes with everything and anytime my nails were in rough shape this is the colour I would grab, it was amazing when my nails were super short or if they had any damage going on. I found this guy at Winners in the middle of the year, and haven’t been able to find it anywhere else, I should look into if it’s been discontinued or not. watermarked-7

Best Summer Colour

China Glaze: Too Yacht Too Handle

I saw this colour on Pinterest awhile ago and I just fell in love with it. I went on a hunt for it and didn’t let up until I found it. This is definitely my most used colour in the summer. If I couldn’t decide I would always reach for this, and it was a one way trip to compliment central. It does go on kind of sloppy, and needs three coats, however it is totally worth the struggle. I have never found a reasonable dupe for this. It also makes my hands look super tanned.

watermarked-5Best Vacation Colour

China Glaze: Hang-ten Toes

This is my fave pedicure colour, I used it all summer and when I went to Jamaica in November it came with me. It is a pearlized matte neon pink with a purple type under tone. Perfection. I use this a lot for nail art as well.

Best Fall/Winter ColWatermarked-2our

Essie: Don’t  Sweater It

I think I found this colour on pinterest as well. It is a basic taupe, but for some reason it just makes me want to put on big fluffy socks, grab a blanket and sit on my front porch with tea and a good book. This looked best for me with no other  art or detail, just the solid colour on shorter nails.


Best Glitter

Formula X: Freaky Like Freud

I don’t even know if this can be considered a “glitter” polish. This is opaque. Two coats and you have opaque amazing glitter nails. They just sparkle like the sun… but not hot, or yellow. So not like the sun at all, but still it’s amazing! As you can see by the picture, that is EXACTLY what it looks like on. I will also probably be panning this polish this year.

Best Bawatermarked-6se for Art

 Formula X: Dynamic

I love this colour. It looks amazing under almost every nail art I have done. It leaves a beautiful neutral base to add too, and you only need one-two coats at most.  It is also the most neutral grey I have found and again works very well with my skin tone.

5 thoughts on “Favourite Nail Polish in 2014”

  1. Too Yacht Too Handle is compliment central fo sho. I still have it on since I used it at your place and although it’s chipped and ugly as fuuuu I still get complimented on it daily. I need this in my life.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 3 words Flip Flop Fantasy!
    Lol also a China glaze color that always gets compliments. I will have to try this too yacht too handle.


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