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PPW Challenge- Tamanna (ABH) Mid-week update

Beginning of the week Here

Shady Lady Vol 2 Here


I totally stole this look off of one of the cards that comes with the palette, is that cheating? Who knows, I don’t make the rules. Actually I do. SO NO IT’S NOT!  HA! I used Fresh, Bengal, Sangria, Custom, Chocolate, Blush and Venezia


Quick Tutorial

  • Prime your lids
  • Apply Fresh to the entire lid up to the brow bone
  • Blend Bengal into the crease
  • Blend Sangria into the outer corner of the lid in a “V” shape and into the inner corner of the crease.
  • Deepen Sangria with Custom
  • Gently blend Chocolate into the crease
  • Apply Blush to the centre of the lid
  • Line lower lash line with Venezia and drag the colour up against your liner


Full disclosure, the liner is not on point. Not even close. I did my first test of the new products today and so far NYC liquid liner and I are not getting along application wise. For this look I used Custom, Bengal, Gilded, China Rose and Blush.

Tamannathursday2Tamanna Thursday1

Quick Tutorial

  • Prime those lids
  • Apply Custom all over the lid
  • Blend Bengal into the crease, and blow out the colour just slightly above the orbital bone of your eye.
  • Darken the crease with Chocolate and Gilded.
  • Put a small amount of China Rose on the inner corner of the eye
  • Dab a pencil brush in Gilded and Chocolate and buff it into the lower lash line.
  • Apply Blush as a brow bone highlight.

I am actually thoroughly enjoying this week, I haven’t had to bring in a supporting palette for any of the looks!

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