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Beauty Gurus- The Early Years

I am working on starting my first video on YouTube and didn’t know where to start. So I have been spending some time on the more popular “beauty guru” channels to see where and how they started. I found it very interesting to see where these women came from and how they became successful. So I thought I would share some of the early videos from the channels I subscribe to. I found it very encouraging to know that even they didn’t start perfectly!

Nicole Guirrero- Posted 4 Years ago, shot in her bedroom with a webcam

Topic: Favourite Drugstore Products

Views To Date: 167, 562

Carli Bybel- Posted 3 Years ago, shot with webcam sitting on floor

Topic: How to curl your hair with a straightener

Views To Date: 155, 933

Tati Westbrook- Posted 3 Years ago, shot with camera sitting on her bed

Topic: Top 10 Physicians Formula Products

Views to Date: 66, 000

Jaclyn Hill- Posted 3 years ago Can’t tell what it was shot with

Topic- Kim K Holiday Look

Views to Date: 267,160

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