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PPW Challenge- Tamanna (ABH) Final Wrap Up

Check out the beginning of the week here and here.

I will be making a point to use this palette much more going forward. I have received so many compliments this week on the looks and how the colours worked for me. They also had pretty amazing substantial staying power as well. My favourite shades were definitely Sangria, Bengal, and China Rose.  I am surprised that I can see a significant difference in the pans at the end of the week from usage, but last week with TheBalm Shady Lady Vol 2, there was little to no difference in the pans.


Tamanna Friday2 TamannaFriday1 Tamanna Friday 3

I used the shades Bengal, Chocolate, Fresh and Gilded. I also made sure this was the easiest look because I was having a lazy day.

Quick Tutorial

  • Prime your lids
  • Take Gilded and pack onto the lid. Be careful not to pick up too much product as this colour has a bit of fallout for some reason.
  • Blend Bengal into the crease and blow it out just above the orbital bone.
  • Darken the outer V with chocolate and blend slightly towards the middle in the crease.
  • Take Gilded and Chocolate and blend them into the lower lash line
  • Choose your liner and get to it ( I used NYC liquid liner)
  • Set the liner with Noir (If you used black liner that is!)

Saturday & Sunday


Alright I cheated and did pretty much the same look both days. I was feeling like a matte finish weekend was in order! For this look I used Fresh, Bengal, Blush Venezia and Chocolate

Quick Tutorial

  • Prime your lids
  • Take Fresh and apply all over the lid
  • Take Chocolate and lightly darken the crease and blend into the outer V
  • Blend Bengal just past the orbital bone
  • Use Blush to highlight the brow bone
  • Blend Venezia into lower last line and follow the liner up.

Wrap up:

If this item wasn’t limited edition I would definitely repurchase it. I was only disappointed in one colour which was Venezia. It wasn’t terrible just not as great as it could have been and didn’t apply as brightly as it swatched.

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