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L’Oreal Infallible Foundation Product Review

Price: $18.99 Rexall PharmaPlus

Recommended: YES

This review is coming from the desk of someone with combination to dry skin, with small patches of oil just under my eyes. I have been a tried, tested and true fan of the L’Oreal True Match and True Match Lumi for about 7-10 years. I think 10 is probably a bit more accurate, but I don’t want to age myself.  Although I am already a fan of L’Oreal face products I did put this foundation through some pretty rigorous testing.


IMG_0494The packaging reminds me more of a primer type product than foundation. The only foundation I can think of that is packaged this way is the Laura Mercier foundations. I like that the colour can be seen through the clear part of the package and that you can tell how much is left in the product. I did find it strange at first that there was no seal on the cap, so when I opened it to find that the tip is actually sealed I was relieved. My only complaint about the packaging is that part of the it is a matte black and it gets noticeable smudges on it almost immediately.

Smell, Texture, ColourIMG_0497

I have a weird thing with the colour… I don’t have oxidization problems (when the foundation turns an orangish hue throughout the day). When I leave this on my hand for a few minutes after I apply it to my face, the left overs turn BRIGHT orange, however it doesn’t do that to my face.


It feels very smooth going on the skin, and I might be a convert to this foundation from the True Match Lumi. With the true match lumi, I always feel like I am slick looking by the end of the day. The Infallible keeps me almost perfectly flawless for just as long as it claims (16 hours). I took a few before and after pics for comparison, there is no concealer of any kind involved in this application, and I applied it using a flat top kabuki brush. The picture doesn’t do it much justice, but I find this to be pretty incredible especially the staying power.

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