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Palette Per Week Vice 2 Wrap up

I found this way more challenging than originally anticipated. I am shocked… maybe even a bit appalled, but we are going to have real-time talk for a second. I was so over this by Friday. So many of the colours were close to the same and don’t show up how you think they will on the eye. BOOURNS.

Check out the intro for swatches and the midweek looks.

Favourite Shade: Shellshock

Least Favourite: All of the dark greens and blacks.

Thursday- The day nothing was working out for me

I was really trying to use a larger number of the shades this week, I wanted to use at least half of them. I used Strike, Madness, Dope and Rewind. Ps-I considered not even posting this because I didn’t like how it turned out.Thursday1 Thursday2


  • Prime those lids
  • Take Strike and apply all over lid up to the crease
  • Using a blending brush like the Mac 217 and blend Madness in the outer V and through the crease.
  • Blend out any harsh lines with Rewind, and deepen the crease
  • Run Madness along the lower lash line and make sure there are no harsh lines
  • Use Dope as a brow bone and inner corner highlight.
  • Come to terms with the fact that this look was crap… and go to work
  • Liner Tarte Tarteiet Clay liner

Friday -It’s okay guys… I am about to redeem my Thursday

For this look I used Voodoo, Betrayal, Dope, Shellshock, Madness and Habit.

Friday Facefriday eyes


  • Prime dem lids.
  • Pull eyelid taut (yes I know this is bad)
  • Take Betrayal and swipe it across the whole eyelid, really pack on the colour
  • Take Voodoo and blend in the outer V and into the crease.
  • Take Voodoo on a fluffy brush and blend blend blend just above the orbital bone.
  • Blend the edges of Voodoo with Habit so there are no harsh lines
  • Line the lower lash line with Madness
  • Shellshock as an inner corner liner
  • Dope as brow bone highlight
  • Liner is Tarteist Liner


For this look I used a supporting palette, but in keeping with the bold look theme, I used the Electric Palette from Urban Decay. (which was also featured in my perfect palette tag). I used Toxic, Damage and Rewind from Vice 2 and Thrash and Urban from Electric.



  • Prime your lids
  • Swipe Toxic on the lid
  • Take a small amount of Damaged on a small blending brush, apply through the crease but DO NOT go into the outter V, drag it straight out.
  • I used Mac paint pot in Imaginary as a liner, and then set it with Urban from the Electric Palette.
  • Line the inner corner with Thrash and the lower lash line. Wing out Thrash, parallel to the purple wing.


This look features Damage, Stash, Prank and Thrash (from electric). I also used a Nyx Jumbo pencil in light green. 


  • Prime your lids with the jumbo pencil no further then the crease
  • Pack on Damaged all over the lid, but don’t go past the crease.
  • Take a small amount of Stash and blend out the crease, and the edges of Damaged.
  • Use a white base on the inner corner and the lower lash line.
  • Apply Thrash to the inner corner
  • Smudge prank into the lower lash line
  • Liner NYC Liquid Liner

I swear to god this challenge is way harder than I had anticipated….

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