Project Pan 2015

January Empties

Welcome Back!

I am trying to work through some products so I can officially eliminate the title of “goo-hoarder”. I have begun doing some project panning, basically working through products on purpose, and giving myself an end goal to have them used up by.

I find myself having 100’s of moisturizers or body lotions and never using them. I get gifted these a lot and they come in my Ipsy bag almost every month. For some reason I am just not a consistent body moisturizer, and it’s a wonder that I haven’t shriveled up into a raisin. I was hoping to use up 10 products in January and I finished 15! Stay tuned for my February project pan items!

I had 3 hair products, an eye make up remover, two body washes, a facial cleanser, a body moisturizer, face moisturizer, deep conditioner, lip balm, 2 make up wipes, 1 hair bb cream, and one perfume sample.empties.copy

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