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Palette Per Week Lorac Pro 2 Wrap up

I am very sad that I was such a bad make up owner prior to this week.  Lorac Pro 2 is amazing. It makes my heart sing. I will no longer let this go untouched!


For this look I used Plum, Rose, Buff and Snow



  • Prime your lids
  • Take Plum on a smell blending brush and apply in the crease, make sure it is well blended
  • Pat Rose all over the lid, and blend up into Plum
  • Blend Buff on the edges of Plum towards the brow bone
  • Use Snow as your brow bone and inner corner highlight
  • Take plum on a pencil brush and smudge into lower lash line
  • Liner NYC Liquid Liner


I decided to do something a little different here and do a halo eye. Basically what that means is the shadow is dark on the inner and outer corner of the eye and there is a pop of light in the center. I  used Nectar, Rose, Beige, Cocoa and Snow.

IMG_0713 IMG_0712 copy


  • Prime the lid
  • Take a small amount of Cocoa and apply to the inner corner and outer corner of the lid
  • Pat Rose on the center of the lid with a synthetic brush.
  • With a large fluffy brush blow out Nectar from the crease, to just above the orbital bone. Just enough to blend in Cocoa and create some depth.
  • Take Beige on your ring finer and lightly pat on top of Rose to add a bright pop of light.
  • Use Snow as a brown bone highlight


IMG_0730For this look I used Navy, Snow Black and Beige. I was being lazy and personally didn’t like how this turned out. That being said I got a lot of compliments on it.


  • Prime them lids
  • Take a small amount of Navy on a 217 blending brush and starting from the outer corner of the crease, blend like crazy until its a washed out blue
  • Take Beige and pat on lid until it blends into Navy
  • Snow as a brow bone highlight
  • Line waterline with pencil and set with Black



For this look I used Buff, Mocha, Nectar, Cocoa, Black and Snow


  • Prime your lids
  • Apply Mocha to the lid
  • Take Nectar with a large blending brush and sweep through the crease
  • Take Cocoa in the outer V and pull slightly through the crease
  • Use Buff as a transition shade between Snow and Nectar
  • Apply Snow to the brow bone
  • Set NYC Liner with Black

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