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What we forget in this beauty industry…

I was at a bit of a loss as of what to write today. I took the weekend off hoping some rest and relaxation would bring me back to the drawing board fresh and new. False… didn’t work. Until I came downstairs IMG_0742in my white as a ghost blackhead face mask and my husbands friend made a joke that my foundation was a bit light and unblended. HAR HAR.

Good humoured as I am, we had a nice laugh about it, and I was inspired.

There are 8000 instagrammers out there with perfectly filtered faces, manicured nails, eyebrows, and not a pimple to be seen. We have to remember that this is not reality.

I make a valiant effort not to post photos with filters. I believe there are only one or two on my account, and that being said you can 100% tell it has a filter on it.  I don’t edit unless it is to make eyeshadow show true to colour, and I DO NOT edit out imperfections.

  1. It’s too much work
  2. It’s just not real life.
We all have our #secrets under our #makeup @the_god_daughter it’s okay to be who you are everyone gets redness splotches, breakouts, dark circles wrinkles etc it’s all in how you rock that shit! #nofilter #nomakeup #makeup #selfie #beyou #bblogger #fun with and without #cosmetics #ccosmeticchaos

IMG_0711I posted this on Instagram last night, and what do you know it got just as many “likes” as this.

Take a minute today and lay off of Insta, Twitter, Youtube etc… Unless you do it for fun. Don’t do it because you think you need improvements. We are all normal, we all have flaws we aren’t happy with. Stop today and appreciate your face! #Appreciateyourface!

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