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Nail Art DIY Peeve & Tragedy

I know a lot of men can’t relate to this, so if you’re a guy and you are reading this I apologize. I spent an hour doing my nails last night and they looked AWESOME if I do say so myself, they lasted all day today, until tragedy struck.

IMG_0822This was my nail DIY from last night.

Just for explanations sake, my nails are incredibly brittle. More brittle than…. Filo pastry, cthheck it out, If you have ever eaten a Passion Flakie you know what I am talking about. That shit gets everywhere.

Now, because of this, I have a very small gel overlay over my natural nails to stop them from getting……… snap happy? Going on a broken bonanza? Basically, no bust. This is the only reason I go to the nail salon EVER. I go once a month to have them fill it, because I am ghetto and file them down myself for as long as humanly possible before it’s just ridiculous and needs to be dealt with. I am currently on week 3 of my no fill.

Fast forward to my second hour of work when I put my hand in my jacket pocket. POP.  POP?!?!?!?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN POP! WHAT THE HELL!

I look down… doesn’t one of my nails have a hug chunk out of it, and isn’t my perfect manicure destroyed not even 24 hours later.

I wasn’t even doing anything cool. Unless I was under the impression that I was filming an Alanis Morisette music video. (you know… one hand in my pocket, and the other one smoking a cigarette). Laugh it up, I just aged myself. JAGGED LITTLE PLL WHAT?!

So I go to the place beside my work, where I wait for an hour… yuIMG_0833p. I am already bitter and then I wait for an hour for a repair of a nugget of gel overlay. That cost me $3. Not only did it cost me $3 but I got chirped by the lady who does my nails saying it breaks because I leave my nails too long… quiet you. I am not cheap but what a waste.

What did I learn from this experience? 1) don’t put my hands so vigorously in my pockets anymore. 2) Learn how to gel overlay myself

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2 thoughts on “Nail Art DIY Peeve & Tragedy”

  1. Omg that sucks!!! I always screw up my manicure about ten min after i do it so i sort of feel your pain. I hope it didn’t hurt.


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