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Maybelline Touch of Spice Review… ft. tiny chunks?

This lipstick was so hard to find. I felt like a drugstore explorer trying to find the Maybelline Creamy Matte lipsticks and this shade in particular. If I did find them, most of the time the product was ruined by grubby fingers.

20150220_074629I did eventually find this diamond in the rough at Target (which is now no longer with us) for $8.99

Touch of Spice was rumoured to be  an almost perfect match for Mac’s Twig, which is probably my favourite lipstick on the planet. Mac lipsticks run about $18 in Canada.

20150220_074652The packaging is mauve matte, and matches the packaging of the other Maybelline lipstick lines.

The application is fantastic. Very smooth, and the matte finish isn’t drying, there is little to no fragrance.

I do have one co20150220_074722mplaint. It doesn’t stop me from wearing it but for some reason this lipstick has a strange formulation. After I had worn it a few times I noticed there was some weird chunks in it. I cleaned off the top thinking maybe it was some dry skin or it had been left open and gotten some dust particles on it. Nope… It is all throughout the product. It’s like when the lipstick was mixed and set at the factory it wasn’t mixed enough. It doesn’t affect the colour or application as you can see in the swatch, it just makes the product look strange.

I wouldn’t call this an exact dupe for Twig but it is very similar, and if you are on a budget this is a great alternative. This lipstick is completely worth it, and I would repurchase more from this line if I could find it!

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