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Palette Per Week Final Wrap up Melt Cosmetics

Sorry I domaxresdefaultn’t have many photos for you guys on this one, it was a crazy week and I couldn’t take many photos of my makeup because I was away.

I was using the Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter and Love Sick quads this week.

These are what the quads look like, and you can check out my unboxing and the swatches of the products Here.

Quick TutorIMG_0867 copyial

  1. Prime the lid
  2. Blend Unseen into the crease and blow out past the brow bone
  3. Pack Fixated onto the lid but do not go past the natural crease.
  4. Take Dark Matter on a pencil brush and from the inner corner of the natural crease draw a line to the outter corner
  5. Take anything with a sharp edge (use take if it helps you, I just used kleenex folded in half) and line up the angle you want for the larger wing
  6. Take more Dark Matter on a pencil brush and follow the edge of your tape as far up as you are comfortable with.
  7. Make sure you are not blending out the Dark Matter as this is supposed to look like a “cut crease”
  8. Take Blurr on a large fluffy brush and blend it above Fixated.
  9. Use Amelie as your brow bone and inner corner highlight
  10. Black liner is NYC liquid liner
  11. Take Enigma on a pencil brush and smudge into lower lash line
  12. Line lower water line with any black pencil liner or eyeshadow (I used Dark Matter with a precision brush)

IMG_0872 copyIMG_0876 copyIMG_0883 copy

I am wearing this look in this video

Quick Tutorial

  1. Prime the lid
  2. Take love sick on a small blending brush and apply into the crease focusing on the outer corner.
  3. Blow out Love sick as much as you are comfortable with
  4. Take any Gold shadow ( I used the dark gold from Let’s Meet in Paris) and pack it on the lid
  5. I used a white matte shadow as a brow highlight
  6. Liner is NYC liquid liner
  7. Take Dark Matter and smudge out the bottom lash line

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