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Urban Decay Naked Basics 1 & 2 Comparison

I have seen a lot of questions on whether or not to purchase the Naked Basics 1 or Naked Basics 2, or if either of them are really worth it. So I thought I would do a comparison & swatches. These are not swatched over any primer. Both options ring in at $34 each.

IMG_0896 Naked Basics

This version is cool toned, and most of the colours have greyish undertones. They all swatch well but some are a bit chalky. Crave is the least pigmented for me. Which is odd since the darkest colours are normally the nicest in a lot of palettes. I also don’t feel as though I can get a total look using only this palette. All of the shades are matte, except for venus. I use Naked 2 and Faint the most for supporting some of my other palettes as a transition shade. Foxy is great base colour for blending overtop.

IMG_0902Naked Basics 2

Naked 2 Swatch I much prefer this option for a matte supporting palette. It is warm  toned, and I love Stark, Frisk, Cover and Primal. They are great crease colours for any look you want to accomplish. 5 Mattes and 1 shimmer, Skimp being the only shimmer. I have the same issue with Undone in this version that I have with Crave in the first one. When I first picked this up I used it almost every day for a month, but it has fallen away from frequent use as I keep picking up new things that replace it.

IMG_0901If I had to choose between the two  I would definitely choose the Basics 2, and if I ran out of it I would repurchase. That being said I do believe there are better options for all matte palettes. I do struggle to open the packaging sometimes, and that is why I have a huge gash out of Stark on Naked 2. They are just a tiny bit difficult to open.

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