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Palette Per Week- Too Faced Everything Nice Swatches

This week I am clearly running behind on the palette per week again. So here is the intro, and swatches for this week…midweek. Don’t judge me. Stop with the judging eyes. I am back at the gym, because I needed something else to take up my time.

I had picked up the Too Faced Everything Nice limited edition palette just before Christmas, and I  haven’t used it very much. Which makes it land here.

This will be really great, and I can pump out some pretty versatile looks. There is a great range of shades and finishes for me to play with!

IMG_0970 IMG_0971

There are a few dupes from other palettes that Too Face has released previously, and I will list those below as well. There are 20 shadows, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer and 1 highlight. There is also a small brush set, but they are cheap and I wouldn’t recommend them. Teddy bear hair- don’t apply.

1) TurtEverytihing nice swatch 1le Dove

2) Dream On

3) After Hours

4) Fawned of You

5) Knockout

6) Paper Roses

7)Kindness is Free

8) Mauvelous

9) Be You

Everything nice 210) Secret Lovers

11) Heaven

12)Shiny Happy

13)Honey Pot

14) Don’t Settle

15) Girly

16) Totally Fetch

17) Live it up

18) Too Glam

19) Head Over Heels

20) Chocolate Moon

IMG_0969 copy

1) Sweet Pink

2) Papa Don’t Peach

3) Chocolat Soleil

4) Inner Light

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