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Palette Per Week- Too Faced Everything Nice Looks

Happy Friday for those of you who have an upcoming weekend off! Here are some of the looks I have come up with up until Wednesday!


For this look I used Mauvelous, Be You, Live it up, and Turtle Dove. See here for swatches.

IMG_0914 copy Tutorial

  1. Prime lids, I used Mac Painterly paint pot
  2. Wash Turtle Dove over the whole lid and up to the brow bone to make it easier for blending
  3. Take a large fluffy brush and blend Be You into the crease
  4. Pack Mauvelous onto the lid.
  5. Liner. GO.


This was one of those days where I just took forever to get my life together. I wanted to film my Gerard Cosmetics video so I tossed this on after the gym and went to it! For this look I used Shiny Happy, Honey Pot and Fawned of You.Tuesday


  1. Prime the lids, for this I used Mac Soft Ochre
  2. Fluffy brush Fawned of you in the crease
  3. Pack Honey pot on the center of the lid
  4. Take Shiny Happy and apply to inner and outer corner
  5. Take more Fawned of you on a stiffer blending brush to darken the outer V
  6. Smudge some black pencil liner into the upper lash line
  7. Film this video.


This is one of those looks where all day I was like…. Ahhhhhh yeeeeahhhhh. I used Honey Pot, Too Glam (because I was) Turtle Dove, Head Over Heels and Dream On. 


  1. Prime the lid (soft ochre)
  2. Take Too Glam and apply in layers on the inner and outer corner of the eye
  3. Pack Honey Pot on the center of the lid.
  4. Tap a small shadow brush into Too Glam and lightly blend Too Glam and Honey Pot so there are no harsh lines.WEd2
  5. Take a pencil brush with a small amount of Too Glam and run it through the crease attaching the inner and outer corner
  6. Blend out the crease with a stiffer blending brush
  7. Take Dream on with a large fluffy brush and apply as transition shade above the natural crease
  8. Use Turtle Dove as brow bone highlight
  9. With a flat definer brush Smudge Head Over Heels into the lower lash line
  10. Liner is NYC liquid liner

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