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Palette Per Week Too Faced Everything Nice Final Thoughts

So here we are hanging out on Sunday. Literally I am in the back of my Dad’s van driving to Ikea to look at MORE makeup organizers. Yeah, I am 29 years old and still hang out with my parents. No big deal.

I don’t think I am that impressed with this palette. I have so many others that could have replicated looks and colours that have better blending abilities. I feel like many of the colours swatched better than they apply on the lid. When I am doing these posts I try to NEVER swatch over primer because it gives a better basis of what we are really working with colour wise, but these guys I had to use a primer or they wouldn’t show up on camera.

Here are the looks for the rest of the week!


I was going for a light pink purple sparkle look for this day. It was going to be a long one so I wanted a bit of pick me up. I used Kindness is free, Totally Fetch,  Be You, Turtle Dove, Head over Heels and Live it Up. NEEDS MORE GLITTER.

TutorialThursdayToo Faced

  1. Prime the lid, I used Painterly by Mac
  2. Take Totally Fetch, and pack it on the outer V and throughout the crease on a small blending brush
  3. Pack Kindness is free on the rest of the lid and don’t go past the natural crease, make sure it is blended against Totally Fetch to give a nice gradient across the lid.
  4. Take Be You and blend above the crease on a large fluffy brush to create a transition from the pink shades.
  5. On a small blending brush apply a light wash of Live it Up slightly above the crease.
  6. Apply Turtle Dove on the brow bone as a highlight, and in the inner corner of the eye.
  7. Take Head over Heels and smudge into lower lash-line
  8. Liner is NYC Liquid Liner, and I applied a black blue glitter liner over top.


I was really focusing on the liner with this look so I only used two shades from the Everything Nice Palette when I did this. Check out the video below for a talk through tutorial.


For this look I used a supporting palette. I felt like I needed some Ud Shellshock in my life from the Vice 2 Palette. Check this out for it’s palette per week 🙂 I used Live it up, Be You, Fawned of you and Shellshock for this look.

Saturday Too faced


  1. Prime those eyes
  2. Take Live it up and pack all over the lid
  3. With a large fluffy blending brush take Fawned of you and blend through the crease making sure there are no harsh lines and blowing out the look to open up the eye.
  4. Apply Be You to the outer V darkening as you go to whatever shade your comfortable with
  5. Apply a white eyeliner to the bottom lash line and the water line and into the inner corner of the eye.
  6. Take Shellshock from Vice 2, on a flat definer or pencil brush and apply over white (except for the water line).
  7. Liner is NYC Liquid Liner and I applied a black glitter liner on top.
  8. Needs More Glitter


I try not to be bland, but it’s Sunday. So give me a break, who gets fancied up to go to Ikea anyway? I didn’t even put on my proper brows! For this look I used After Hours, Knockout and Turtle Dove.


  1. Prime the lids with soft ochre or the primer of your choice.
  2. Pat on After hours onto the lid
  3. Darken up the outer corner with Knockout and blend through the crease.
  4. Use Turtle Dove as a brow bone highlight
  5. On the lower lash line smudge in Knockout and After Hours until you have a bit of a smokey effect.
  6. Liner.
  7. Ikea.

Hope everyone had a fabulous week, please comment down below for palette per week requests.

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