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Younique…. Stop spamming my life.

I can’t even get over how irritating I find these people. Since I have been in the social media beauty world, I have been contacted countless times to sell the Younique Fibre lash stuff. I am tagged in their photos, I have people contacting me on facebook, twitter, and basically any possible platform.

I have been having a rough week so I decided to just burn off some steam and do a rant. So here she be…sorry I took a small hiatus!

3 thoughts on “Younique…. Stop spamming my life.”

  1. So, I can relate to your rant… BUT youre really mis- informed… This could be one of the reasons I have a love hate relationship with Younique. I am a cosmetic product junkie – I tried 3d fiber lash full of skepticism and fell in love… The problem is that we are independent presenters and 90% of people do not use the products correctly and they give this line a bad name. For those who know how to use these amazing products WE SUCEED , and WE GET PAID. Your dream of este’e Lauder asking you to rep their makeup?? Well you could try to land a spot standing behind a counter slinging a line that is actually the same as 6 others and ultimately formulated by a laboratory owned by should I say it; I will AVON… Go for it enjoy just above minimum wage. So maybe you’ve got a bad taste of younique – your far off though. Tartes version is considered an “epic fail” in the beauty must haves list – 3d fiber lash is not is not even comparable – 15000 sets A DAY. I can totally relate to your fustration when images of the products I love are posted of people not knowing what their doing KILL ME… BUT —- dig a bit deeper and you will find out that from the mascara all the way down this an amazing line that can go toe to toe with ANY BRAND, and is paying the bills for many ladies who know how to do it right…


    1. I completely appreciate your opinion. That being said, people aren’t trying to sell me the product, which is another reason I don’t like the company. The reps are trying to get me to sell. Not buy. If you don’t even want me to buy the product you’re selling, you just want me to sell under you, that is certainly not something I want to be apart of. (you being used generally not specifically yourself). I don’t like Mary Kay, Avon, or any of the makeup brands that are sold through reps. I don’t find the quality is very good. There are lots of things that are in Sephora and at ay given make up counter that aren’t very good either. I have no true interest in a career in selling make up. Thanks for coming by.
      Good luck in your future endeavours.


      1. You’re right its a pyramid – but its not Avon or Mary Kay by any means – The typical presenter does nothing the successful ones build teams, their team builds team – the result – success. I often wonder why Younique took this route to present their line? I HATE THE SPAM… THE BAD SELFIES… I coach all day on how not to do that yet it still is everywhere and its annoying… I often wonder if the will sell it? All of these awful presenters are damaging. As your rant proves… 🙂 I loved it though – Im going to show it to my girls how their clumpy lashes and constant spam annoys and infuriates somone who might have tried it and loved it… TY

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