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Ipsy Review- Eva NYC Up All Night Volumizing Spray

fileAssetIn my initial unboxing of this months Ipsy, here, I opened up this tiny bottle of hair potion took a whiff and almost fell off my damn chair, due to overpowering fragrance. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to use it because it would smell so strongly it would make my brain want to melt out my nose.

Ipsy Description:  Get the ultimate blowout with this multi-tasking spray! The light-weight formula adds volume and texture to hair, while protecting against heat for healthier styling. How to Use:Apply to damp hair before blow drying for added texture and lift, or use on dry hair as a revitalizing spray. 

I actually love this product. It is rare, I receive something that I would purchase if I saw it in store. My hair is very long, probably 2 feet or more, and it is thin. There is certainly a great deal of it, but it’s still scrawny.

Things I noticed: Once it is sprayed all through my hair, I don’t notice smell. I barely notice any fragrance actually. It’s some sort of ninja scent or something.

While blow drying I notice less static and my hair does feel noticeably fuller. It also feels softer to the touch, and like it has been eating too many cheeseburgers.

Dislikes: I am not sure if it is just because I have been stressed lately so I have been touching my hair more, but I feel like my hair is getting dirtier looking faster. I already struggle with this, so I can’t be sure if I can really blame it on the spray. We shall never know.

If this is easily accessible to you or you got this in your bag, pick it up and let me know how you like it!

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