Moody Makeup- Channeling your Inner on your Outer

This is going to be a strange post.

I know we don’t always understand each others creativity as humans. I don’t understand people who craft or enjoy cooking. These things all make me crazy, even though most of the women in my family are expert sewers, cooks and crafters. It’s a good thing I am in the now because if I was in another time I would be a crazy spinster lady who no one would marry.

I have always channeled my creativity and my mood through my makeup.  If I am feeling carefree, I will wear light shadows, light contouring, a nude lip, and probably just some liner and mascara. If spring is coming and I am feeling the easter vibes, my eyes will tell you with the intense splashes of pastels all over them.

IMG_0473Then there are days when I am angry, or sad, and I end up pretty much colouring my face black and red. I never fail myself, it happens every time. I am not even sure I am aware of what I am doing as I reach for the dark and mysterious shadows.  It always just turns out this way. I wore this look every single day I wore makeup this week. (which in it’s defence, was only IMG_0466three times).

Do you find your makeup affects your mood? Or vice versa? What has the biggest impact on you beauty wise? These are the things I think about while I can’t sleep at night.

** I used Melt Cosmetics Enigma, and the Too Faced Semi Sweet for this look

*** Lip products are Dose of Color Dark Angel and Mac Cyber

3 thoughts on “Moody Makeup- Channeling your Inner on your Outer”

  1. I do it too, but for me the less makeup i put on- or atleast the less effort I put into putting on makeup- the crappier I’m feeling lol. Yesterday was the first time i wore colorful makeup to work in like a month. I used to do it all the time.


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