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Lorac Unzipped Gold Review, First Impression and Swatches

You will soon see in my Ulta Haul Video that I had picked up the Unzipped Gold. I already own the Lorac Pro 1 and 2,  Mega Pro and Mint Edition. I am no stranger to the quality and formulation of Lorac shadows and I am a big fan which keeps me coming back for me. However I am sitting on the fence so much on how I feel about this on first impression that my butt is actually starting to hurt.

Unzipped Swatch
Swatches with no primer
unzipped one
No Flash

As you can see undressed which shows in the pan as a matte pink, swatches as almost nothing against my skin tone.  I also found unedited and undeniable disappointing. Unedited in the pan is one of the darkest colours, and although I am sure it will look lovely on, it is not true to pan, and when I am purchasing eyeshadow that is very important to me.  Its almost as irritating as false advertising.

Unleashed is definitely the best in the palette… for some reason for me the rest are leaving something to be desired. I am pretty let down right now Lorac. I have been singing your praises for along time now.

Basically…. Top row… FAIL Bottom Row WIN!

I will use this for a month or so and do an updated post with some looks, we can’t just write it off out of the gates!

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