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For this look I used Love, Soulful, Violet and Iconic. I also borrowed the matte white shade from my fave matte palette seen here.  It’s an all matte look and definitely work safe.


  1. Prime those lids
  2. Apply love all over the lid and up to the brow bone  as your base shade to make the rest of the shades apply and blend easily
  3. Apply Soulful on the lid
  4. Blend Violet into the crease and blow out with a large fluffy blending brush.
  5. Take Iconic on a firm blending brush and darken the outer V for more depth
  6. Liner and mascara

Tuesday & Wednesday

I wore this look a few times this week, and got lots of compliments on it so I decided to film a talk through for it. MondayTuesday

Check out the talk through 🙂



For this look I used Midnight, All Heart, Soulful, Iconic, Violet and Transforming Pearl


  1. Apply Soulful all over the lid
  2. Take a large blending brush and apply All Heart into the crease blowing it out just below the brow bone
  3. Take Midnight on a stiff crease brush and blend into the crease and into the outer V
  4. Apply Transforming Pearl to the brow bone as a highlight
  5. I used a Ivy gel liner from Mac for the pop of green and did a thin line of black liquid liner over top.
  6. With a pencil brush smudge Iconic and Violet into the lower lash line
  7. Set waterline with Noir

Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend and the final thought!

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