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My Top 5 Worst Products From Ipsy

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November 2013 cailyn built in sponge tip mineral eye shadow1) November 2013 Cailyn Built in Sponge Tip mineral Eyeshadow

Why I didn’t like it: Ipsy seems to really love these types of products. The neutral champagne shadows they just keep on coming. Well colour isn’t really the issue, the applicator is useless, and the product is a mineral that doesn’t do anything but fall out and fall off my lids. The packaging is also large and unnecessary and is difficult to store.

MArch 2014

2) March 2014 Chella Indigo Blue Pen Liner 

Why I didn’t like it: I LOVED the colour, but the application was poor and really drags on the lid. It’s disappointing because it swatches beautifully on the hand, but as soon as I try and apply to my lid, it pulls so much it almost hurts.

3) JJune 2014une 2014 Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara

Why I didn’t like it: Its VERY wet It came unsealed, and it feels like I am applying water of a clear gel on my lashes.

Dec 20144) Dec 2014 Swiss Co. Electroplated Eyelash Curler

Why I didn’t like it: I was excited to get this because my curler was breaking apart at the seams. How much different can one be from another right? WRONG. This is so cute but it literally did nothing for my lashes. Straight out no curl at all. fileAsset

5) November 2014 Elizabeth Mott You’re So FINE eyeliner

Why I didn’t like it : I took this with me to Jamaica before I tried it thinking “amazing this is waterproof and EXACTLY what I need for going away”. I failed to try it before we left.  I went to apply it the first day. Talk about fail time.  It pulled so much for a “liquid” liner, it was patchy and even when I finally got it to go on with no spots missing, it wasn’t waterproof. It pretty much peeled off an hour later. Very disappointing.

2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Worst Products From Ipsy”

  1. Ipsy is super hit and miss for me. Mostly misses, which is why I stopped subscribing to them. If they actually took my reviews and opinions about the products seriously, it’d be different, but they didn’t and it seemed like a waste of time to me.


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