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My Current Beauty Wish List

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I have never done a post like this because I have a terrible disease I suffer from called RFN.

What is RFN you ask? Right Fu#%ing NOW.  Basically what this means if I want something I get it RIGHT NOW. Or it will haunt and torture me and make me lose sleep. I realize how ridiculous this is, and how bratty it makes me seem, but we don’t want me to suffer right?

….Plus it gives me time to go through the Sephora website and love EVERYTHING.

 s1699644-main-hero-300s1697242-main-hero-300 s1659424-main-hero-300 s1678101-main-hero-300s1664911-main-hero-300 (1)

Most of these things are things I want to try and review ie- the Selfie Powders. If you have any experience with these babies let me know if it’s a yah or nah!

11 thoughts on “My Current Beauty Wish List”

  1. Ha! I feel ya on the Right Fucking Now. I try to hold of on new purchases and make myself wait at least a week…nope. That rarely ever works. I want everything now!

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  2. Why?!?! Im trying to save up for wigs and you show me this? Lmao. That Tartelette palette and Making Faces are going to be mine. I have the Rae Morris book and I love it. Once you get Making Faces, definitely check it out.


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