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The UltimateBest Brush Cleanser On the Planet Of EVER

Alright… did I get your attention?  Good… Now park your butts and listen up.

Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner. Wow. Wow… just Wow.

I grabbed this off when I saw one of the big beauty guru’s recommend it. Skeptical me, only bought the teeniest one to make sure I didn’t waste my money if it was crap.  I only picked up 4 oz. and it was $13.

So obviously I had to run upstairs and get to it.


So I cleaned all of my brushes that were dirty, which was pretty much all of them. Keep in mind, 4 oz. is really not too much at all.


Smell: I wasn’t a huge fan of the smell. It almost smelled medical however I do realize that it is supposed to be professional grade for cleaning all kinds of brushes for body paints etc. It smells heavy duty. If you have used the Mac brush cleanser then it smells like that only much stronger.

How it works: It says to put 1/4 inch into a container and dip your brush in only about 1/4 of the way up the bristles and the cleanser will basically crawl up into the brush on its own. It actually does! Then swirl it on some paper towel until the brush is clean. I took a few before and after photos.


One of my stippling brushes did have some bristle fall out which kind of surprised me because I haven’t had any issues with that with anything else. That being said it is one of the oldest most used brushes I have and I don’t normally rub it against paper towel. BUT LOOK HOW CLEAN IT IS.

Timeliness: I was able to clean about 35 brushes in probably 15-20 minutes. This cut my clean time down from an hour and a half to 15 minutes. This is probably my favourite feature of this product. I don’t have to hang over my sink for an hour straining my back and getting my hands all pruned and yucky.

Dry Time: Almost immediate, I would say that it took an hour for it to be completely dry on the bigger fluffier brushes. The shadow brushes were only a minute or two and they were ready for use. This is all the paper towel I had to use, and the aftermath this caused. My only downfall I can say is that it really dried out my hands, like I had just taken off nail polish with acetone. I am assuming this is why the brushes drive so fast


This product definitely gets a thumbs up from me! Highly recommended.

The after

1 thought on “The UltimateBest Brush Cleanser On the Planet Of EVER”

  1. Not trying to sound like a dick but, this is actually ment to spot clean between clients/ uses. Thats why it dries so fast. It gets rid of the product on the brush, but also sanitizes it so you don’t have to worry about spreading bacteria. Yeah its freaking awesome, but you still want to deep clean your brushes every once in a while to fully clean them, and also keep them conditioned since that’s pretty much rubbing alcohol (few other ingredients in there but still). Yeah, using baby shampoo and olive oil takes forever and even longer to dry, but it’ll condition the brushes as well so they don’t dry out and look like my curly hair when I try to brush it (not too pretty lol.) I would definitely recommend this inbetween uses, just not as your holy grail, only gonna use this one, brush cleaner… for the record, I have this in my kit and it’s seriously badass :-D.


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