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New at the Drugstore | Essence Eyeshadow Palettes

I went to Shoppers Drug Mart today to pick up some milk when I was meandering by, and obviously I had to check out the cosmetics aisle.

I stumbled across the new Essence “all about” eyeshadow palettes. I haven’t tried any Essence eyeshadows so I thought I might as well pick them up. At $4.99 for six shadows each, even if only one shade was acceptable I would still feel like I got my monies worth.

Essenseessence open

I wasn’t really holding my breath that they were going to be amazing, but I have to say I am pretty impressed with these bad boys. I did some swatches without primer, one finger swipe for all, and I would say 4/6 of them felt just as smooth as an Urban Decay shadow. There was a bit of grittiness in some of them. Swatches:

paradise swatches All about sunrise swatch

As per most shadows from the drugstore, there are no matte shades in these. I still managed to pull off a pretty fun look without one. You can also always pick up this from Target to support your collection!

I put a quick look together timage1 copyo see how I felt about the blending powers. The powers that be! I used the Paradise palette in true Candice fashion only because it was brighter colours. I managed to use all six colours with this look and loved how it came out! So many options from such a little palette. They blended very well and I would definitely recommend this for people who want to start out with colour!

Today is the last day for the Giveaway so don’t forget to enter!

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