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Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation Review

Paid $6.99 from Rexall Pharmaplus Reg Price is $11.99

I had picked this up about a month ago and unfortunately couldn’t try it out as much as I had wanted because I bought a shade that was slightly darker then I could pull off. However, I have tried it enough that I have formulated my thoughts on it.

Lets start with a foundation and primer only before and after.

Before is completely bare skin. After is foundation only, one layer, no concealer. I applied using my F80 brush from Sigma.

Foundationbefore and afterThis is after no wear at all and strictly to show coverage. It definitely covers well, as you can see I have a lot of redness and discolouration to deal with and I prefer a medium to full coverage foundation.

Claims: One simple step for a flawless natural look, that lasts all day. The formula blends easily to even skin tone and reduce shine all day. | Oil Free | Won’t clog pores | Suitable for sensitive skin | Lasts all day

Formulation: I want to call this a paste, it also smells like paste which isn’t helping its case. It is not runny like most of the foundations I use on the regular, and I have to use more than I normally would to cover my whole face. It is so thick that if you put it on your hand and turn your hand, it won’t run anywhere, just sticks there. I also noticed huge amounts of oxidization after it had dried on my hand for a few hours. I don’t seem to have that problem when it is on my face though. Picture on the right is the oxidization.


Staying power: This will definitely last all day, and for the first time ever with a foundation it looks terrible when first applied and by the end of the day will look FLAWLESS. I know thats great if you have long days, but I don’t like starting my day looking  cakey. It wears well, as in won’t slip and slide around and won’t wear off in spots around the nose and mouth which is where I normally have staying power issues. I have dryness in some areas of my face and I feel like this is one of the main reasons I don’t like it. It is just too heavy for me alone, and I do still need to set it with a powder.

Overall I am not a fan of this foundation and will not be repurchasing.

14 thoughts on “Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation Review”

      1. Hmm. Well if you are looking for something really full coverage. That stuff really does the trick I like it more than the ready set foundation! I don’t really even like cover girl and those are the only two things I like actually.

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