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Benefit RollerLash Review


 I love the grip on the wand, it is a rubber pink topper with diamond cut outs that make it VERY easy to hold onto. The only thing I don’t like about the handle is that the rubber material they made it out of  stains and gets dirty almost immediately.

The brush is the same type of plastic rubber as most of the Cover Girl mascaras. It has a slight curve to the wand with the bristles being hooked and slightly longer on one side.

Rollerlash copyIMG_0818 copy


This is supposed to be all about curling lashes, and giving a really impressive result. I haven’t read many negative reviews about this, but I am surprised at how wet it is. I find it just weighs my lashes down even more.  Benefit also says to use it with their sister mascara They’re Real. Things like that bother me. If I am paying $29 for a mascara I don’t want to have to spend more money on a second mascara to layer over it.

My Test

I have before and after pictures and have used this product for about a month. The only makeup I have on in the after photo is the mascara, and nothing in the before photos. There is about four coats on in the after photos, and I curled the wand as I was applying. Lashes were also curled before application using a Shuemura lash curler.

Before copyafter copy

The difference is minimal. I notice the biggest difference in my outer lashes.  That being said is it a $29 difference? Nope. One of these days a product will come out that will actually curl my lashes. Until then.. Ce la Vie.

9 thoughts on “Benefit RollerLash Review”

  1. I actually notice quite a bit of difference in your lashes with the mascara on – especially at the ends (where I think it matters the most! 🙂 ).
    Granted – it’s not a *miracle* product as they might advertise it – but I am quite liking it! The main difference for me between this one and other mascaras is the wand – it gets between all of my little lashes but does not leave a gooey mess others may. I am wearing it as we speak, and for my flat lashes what works the best is actually taking the curvy side of the wand against my lashes and rolling it upward (you would think you would use the “indented” side of the wand to catch all your lashes – but nooo…)…this somehow lifts the lashes up more. I find it great for work/daytime wear.
    I have to say I am biased in general because “They’re Real” is my fave mascara ever! The only drugstore brand mascara I love and can match is the L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black, which you have already talked about – KUDOS!
    Love your posts!

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  2. Great honest post! I do like the separating power of this but I don’t notice any curling or significant volume 😦 Definitely glad I only had the sample size.

    xo J


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