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Anastasia Beverly Hills | Artist Palette Swatches


Artist PaletteI swear these people can do no wrong. I mean… Norvina tweets me, I love their brow products beyond reason, I love all the palettes I have from them. So why would I feel any differently for this guy? Duh I don’t. Here is the new lady with her swatches. I have a video coming with some looks and my thoughts on this gem as well stay tuned!IMG_1560

Actually I thought about one thing that they did wrong. They haven’t released their lip products to Sephora. So if you could just do the Anastasia Beverly Hills that would be great.  THANKS.

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6 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills | Artist Palette Swatches”

  1. I have the Tamanna palette, I still love to this day. When I hit pan on China Rose you KNOW I’ll be buying an individual of that shade.

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  2. Ahh, your swatches look so beautiful! When I swatched it, I was SO disappointed! They were chalky and just not nearly as pigmented or as blendable (with the exception of Dusty Rose) as I expected or compared to other eyeshadow palettes. :((((( I mean yeah the colors were pretty, but just not the quality I expected from Anastasia or any other high end makeup brand. SAD DAY. 😭

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