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Real Talk – Body Image and Self Confidence

I have been feeling the pressure of perfection lately. There is a ton going on in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. Birthdays, babies, weddings, parties etc. I have been spending a great deal of time preparing and organizing and celebrating. Unfortunately I am not the best at balancing my health at the same time as I get supremely busy so I have gained some weight while going through all this crazyness.

I have also had to go shopping for clothes for these events which has spurred this video, and some serious ranting about body image in media, and how we are supposed to feel about ourselves as women. Please leave me a comment on your experiences, and we can discuss!

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3 thoughts on “Real Talk – Body Image and Self Confidence”

  1. I watched this earlier today before leaving the house for work and can I just freaking say THANK YOU for verbalizing how I feel! It’s crazy stupid… I can’t believe that lady at VS had the nerve to say that to you (even if they consider it true by marketing standards)… I’ve shopped there and never thought twice about the larger sizes needing to be asked for… I just asked for them like it was “normal” to be thought of as less than desirable. Pft. I don’t even shop anyore and to be honest I think that’s part why I love makeup so much (I don’t have to cry when the 14s don’t stretch over my thighs cause they run a size down. And I don’t know about you but I see “normal” people every where I look so I really don’t know who these stores are marketing to!? Ugh. PS. Loved the black out for the expletives 🙂

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    1. Haha I’m glad it helped someone. I was pissed at the time. I’m pissed now too but trying to redirect it in a more positive avenue to maybe help someone else. I love makeup because it always fits… There is literally nothing I couldn’t make work in some way and clothes it’s just not like that. Reminds me of that line from “in her shoes” “I buy shoes because they always fit”

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      1. Ha! Wait till you have kids… I have a closet full of shoes that say otherwise lol. The little buggers stretch your feet! But I agree, makeup can always be made to fit 🙂


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