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Cargo Cosmetics | Northern Lights | Review

I am loving these Winners finds lately! On my last Winner’s wondering I found the Cargo Northern Lights palette for $19.99. I know it’s not a huge steal but for 12 shadows I’m not complaining. Especially with this quality!

The outside packaging is red snake skin (which I am unsure of how that fits with the Northern Lights name)

cargonorthernlights closed

I prefer this type of packaging since it can just be wiped clean, as opposed to the Meet me in Paris which is cloth.

There are 12 shades in total and all of them are AMAZING. I am so happy with this purchase and is probably my favourite of all of the Cargo palettes I own. cargocosmeticsopen palette cargocloseup

I will kick myself for saying this but I absolutly wish it was fall right now so this would be a bit more wearable for the season. Some of the colours are so pigmented and buttery that when you touch them they almost feel like they are cream. (They aren’t I swear it)cargocosmeticsswatches2

All swatches are done with one finger swipe through the shadow over no primer. BEAUTY. I haven’t had much time to play lately as life is out of control.

FullSizeRenderHere is a look a did earlier this week. Using Caspian Sea, Reindeer, and Greenland. Hope you enjoy and if you have Cargo Cosmetics easily available to you I highly recommend their eyeshadow palettes.

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5 thoughts on “Cargo Cosmetics | Northern Lights | Review”

  1. I just wrote about this find not a week ago! Glad you found it too! I bought 2 palettes at the same time at Winners…it’s 50% off from the usual price that Cargo asks for these…$39.99… 🙂 Great find!


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