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Kat Von D Lock it Featherweight Primer Review

So we all know I am a huge fan of the KVD. I have a ton of her products and love them all. I have a few of her books as well and think she is one of the most upstanding women of our time…. I feel like I need to justify this review.

So today I come to you with a review of the Lock it PrimerLockitprimerI gave this a shot for three days under two different foundations and I just… no. I hated it. I am having a really hard time with primers lately, nothing is really making me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

lockitprimerdescriptionThe Claims: Get locked-in hydration, locked-up comfort with this fast-absorbing, water-based primer. It’s the ultimate prep step that hydrates, protects skin, and smooths the appearance of pores for flawless makeup application. This innovative, lightweight formula is formulated with advanced polymers that help even out the skin’s surface while it provides a flexible, protective barrier to prevent foundation from settling into fine lines and pores. Scentless, colorless, and weightless, it delivers essential hydration and its infused with vitamin B5, aloe vera, jojoba, and shea to bring nourishment to the skin’s surface, leaving it feeling refreshed and comfortable all day—even underneath long-wear, full-coverage foundation.

The Claims Debunked

Hydration Yes. It was so hydrating that my face actually looked wet all day and made my foundation break apart around my chin.

Pore Smoothing: No. Not in the slightest. Because of the super hydration I could almost say that this made my pores more apparent. It didn’t smooth them over, but caught the primer in them like tiny pools of wetness. Pore ponds. That’s what we will call them. Left is before rtight is after.


IMG_1089Scentless Colorless & Weightless : Yes, No and No. It is definitely scentless but I can’t truly say it is colourless because it is white, it does dry clear and doesn’t alter any skin tones or anything, but it doesn’t come out clear. So I don’t think colourless is really a fair claim. I found it very heavy even when using a very small amount.

One thing I do really love, which doesn’t really help the product at all is the packaging. I LOVE the push up packaging where you can actually SEE how much product is left. I also love the fine details she puts into her products.. All true artistry!

featherprimercap featherprimercapclose

Thanks for coming by! What did you think of this primer?

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4 thoughts on “Kat Von D Lock it Featherweight Primer Review”

  1. Good review! I found that the only foundation my KVD primer really works with (and I don’t know if this is just me) is her lock it foundation. I tried it with a NARS weightless foundation and my Urban Decay, but both look too…shiny and wet (best way I can describe it).

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  2. Ewww… Wet face. And no pore smoothing either? What nonsense is this! When you buy a product from such a reputable brand when they sell so many other great products you expect them to at least complete their basic functions. This is ridiculous, especially considering the price. Thanks for the heads up.


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