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Makeup Forever Artist Palette Volume 2 | First Impression & Review

Back to beauty…

After I made my way back to Sephora return the KVD Featherweight Primer  and a MUFE HD foundation that was too dry for me during the summer. (Much disappoint) I decided to let Makeup Forever keep some of my money and I picked up one of their new palettes. The bright one. OBVI!

This is what we are dealing with…


The colours in the pan are intense. Like killer intense.

Description from Sephora: A collectible, eye shadow palette with nine must-have Artist Shadow formulas in neutrals and bright pops of color.

Price: $49 ($156 Value) ($5.44/Shadow)

I do like the mix of neutrals and brights, but I was honestly not super impressed with the situation on the pigmentation. Considering the claim is that they are “collectible” I wouldn’t say these are a “must run out and grab right this secoIMG_1140nd, before my head falls off” situation.

Packaging: I like the simplicity. Its the new, seemingly classic red rocky horroresque mouth on the front with their brand name and thats about it. It is much more compact than their recent artist studio box that takes up so much room in my collection it doesn’t even get to hang out with the other palettes. This one does though. It’s friendly and has been socialized well. (sorry… ran into dog brain again). My one complaint would be that the packaging, although slim and easily travelable, is a matte-ish rubber, shadow fallout sticks to it and it always looks dirty. Something similar to the packaging of the Lorac Pro.

Pigmentation and swatches: Not completely blown away. The neutrals all look similar, and as I was doing the finger swatches over no primer, I found myself having to double or triple swatch a few of them. That being said they did photograph well, and in some cases (most cases if you are actually a MUA) that is what the make up is made for. Photos. IMG_1141I would also like to make note that I am not a huge fan of the shades not having names, but codes. This makes it a bit more difficult to remember when trying to show someone how to use the palette on Youtube. There are no mattes included which also makes this an incomplete palette. The pink and purple shades are also listed as blushes instead of shadows. From personal experience I believe this is because they are not rated in the US for the eyes as they may stain your eyelid. (Pink stained mine). The purple shade was much more pink than purple when swatched, and it was the shade I was most excited for but alas, ended up disappointed.

When I am first trying out a palette I like to use as many colours in one look as possible, to get a firm grip on how the palette is built together and blendability. This is what I came up with.

IMG_1126I apologize for the somewhat messy application in places. I was working on with it for the first time and was rushing  to get it done in time to be able to take pictures, and make it on time for work! I hope you all notice my expert application of my falsies! I am making the effort to learn.

IMG_1127I do think it is a good buy, and I like it for pops of colour here and there. I also like the portability of it considering there is enough brights and neutrals, that if paired with one of the Naked Basics it could work well for a week away in a tropical paradise.

15 thoughts on “Makeup Forever Artist Palette Volume 2 | First Impression & Review”

  1. I’ve never tried anything makeup forever, but I might need to grab this pallet! I really like the teal ❤ Thanks for sharing love 😀

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  2. Great makeup look! Thanks for featuring. I was not impressed with it when I first saw it – the collection is a bit off for me when it comes to which colours they choose to put together – but I love what you did with it! Very pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

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