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Throwback Thursday- Youtube beginnings

Wanted to have a laugh and repost my first and second Youtube Videos from January. It is crazy that I have been at this for 5 months now… and I still work on it everyday and I still love it. Who says I have commitment problems?!

These are funny to me!

Haha, if you want to subscribe please do! I promise my content has improved!

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7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday- Youtube beginnings”

  1. I always enjoy and look forward to your videos! They are fun and refreshing 🙂 I can’t wait for your Ipsy bag unveiling this month and I think those are my favorite which I never thought watching someone open their bags would be fun lolol. Keep up the great work xoxoxo Janet

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      1. Omggg I will definitely be checking it out!!! I’m so mad my computer is acting up. I have you bookmarked on there but now will just watch on my phone, thanks for letting me know ❤️

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      2. Omg we got the same bag!!! Well I haven’t received mine yet but I saw online lol. Athena is sooo cute! I definitely think you should post more videos of her. Also have you done a video where you start bare faced then apply? I’m mostly interested in learning how to apply concealer properly. I don’t usually watch you tube and in fact only watch a handful regularly so I was just curious 😃

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