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L’oreal La Palette Nude #2 Review | Swatches | Look

I have been waiting… and waiting… and waiting… and waiting for these L’oreal palettes to pop up in my local drugstore. FINALLY, as I am wandering the aisles of Shoppers looking for an adhesive remover to take the foam off my puppy’s head they are just randomly plopped on a corner display all by their lonesome. Almost like someone was trying to keep them a secret.   Lapalette2open

Price Breakdown: $29.99 $2.99/ shadow

I wanted to be pissed about the price, but I’m not. I was expecting these to be on the level of the Maybelline palettes, which I own all of and am not a huge fan of.  I mean they are pretty lame.


This palette is based on purple/pink toned nudes for day to night looks.  There is a mixture of mattes and shimmers that work well together.

The back has a description of the shadows and four tutorials for glamour, red carpet, ombre and smokey. I like palettes that come with preworked ideas for beginners and lazies like me. lapalette2backI am a HUGE fan of the mattes in this palette. I did buy #1 and #2 and have been using both all week, stay tuned for La Palette #1 review tomorrow.


All swatches are done with one swipe of my finger and no primer. I know they don’t look the brightest or overly impressive, but the application is amazing, especially for most of the mattes. If you are a beginner and looking to learn how to do some more natural “beauty” make up then these should work well for you. Especially with green or hazel eyes as the purples will make them pop.( Just the colour, not out of your head).


Something to note: #3 is almost an exact dupe for “dusty rose” in the ABH Artist Palette which you can see a review and swatches of here… or a video here.

Palette2 look

For this look I used #3,8, 9 and 10. I was going for a pretty simple look, just sort of a purple smokey day time thinger. This was also after a whole day and some puppy play.

I would recommend this palette, and I do think it is a great drugstore value. If you are deciding between other nude palettes from the drug store, this one is going to take the cake.

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