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L’oreal La Palette #1 | First Impression & Swatch

I know you got a review of #2 first, but in my defence those colours work better for my eye colour and skin tone.

That being said, I like this one just as much and for anyone looking for similar colours to Naked 1, I would say this will do that job for you at almost half the price. ($29.99 or $2.44/ shadow)



This is a brown neutral based palette with a mixture of warm and cool browns. There are two random greys as well. I love the matte’s in this palette and would honestly say they  are as good as any of the matte’s i have ever gotten in a two faced palette. This is a great option for someone who is new to makeup and wants a day to night palette that is almost fool proof with the right brushes. Lapalleteoneback

Swatches lapalette1swatches

Again I know the swatches don’t seem all that amazing, but they actually work well on and are subtle enough for daily wear for a business professional that doesn’t have a ton of time to mess around in the morning, or at all. If you don’t believe me on the application I have photographic and video evidence!

Lapalette1look Lapalette1look2

I do really love these palettes, and honestly even for the price they are I think they are worth it. Both give a great range and work well together. I have no real complaints. They both were supposed to come with a brush but mine was missing from the nude #2 so I forgot to take a snapshot of it for you!

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