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Some of my Recent Purchases!

I have been loving the dollar store lately! There have been so many great finds at DollarTree and Dollarama 🙂 Also find out what I finally caved and bought!

I have also been thinking about going to Genbeauty! What does everyone think? Shall I make the trip?!

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10 thoughts on “Some of my Recent Purchases!”

      1. They bend easily to contour my round eyes and the line is smooth, I don’t have to wear liner. I don’t mascara them either; they look ‘natural’, like someone with freakishly luscious lashes, and less pin-up-y, imho. The stiff ones drive me up the wall when a corner comes loose and starts picking into my skin. I can make a pair last up to 3 weeks (although I average about a week a pair because the resident cat often finds, chews and sometimes glues them to his face like a little mini Hitler) by peeling the glue off the NEXT day, so it’s had time to dry even more. If there is a lot glitter still stuck on them, I’ll put a thick line of glue on, let it dry completely, then pull it off with the most of the glitter. Then I immediately reapply all the glitter, obvs. 819’s are my favourite; I wear them daily. Sometimes I go rogue on some 806’s. When I need to go more glam, I double up and wear two pairs. Birds can land on my eyelashes and nest there. It’s frickin’ glorious.


  1. I wish we had a Dollarama here, I am always jealous of the good deals I see online from everyone. I love Sinful colors for the price and I have been so tempted to get a Clarisonic. I may splurge after I get my laptop because it just sounds amazing. Hope you are having a great day ❤️ xoxo Janet


  2. Hi gorgeous! Great video! Before you even started talking about the eye pallet, I was going to comment on how great your eyes looked. I just recently bought the same pallet at Wal-mart for $10. I have yet to try it. I also use the same brand of lashes and I am a huge fan. I usually pay around $4 for a set so you got a great deal. You stated that the #107 would be a little much but those are the ones that I use and I think they will look amazing on your eyes. Definitely go to GenBeauty. I would love to see what you come out with. I too wish we had a Dollarama but we don’t. Can’t wait until the next video. Hugs!

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