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Wet & Wild Color Icon Blush & Glow Trio’s

I love when I am out grocery shopping and wander into a small makeup section only to find something so amazing that I have to snatch it up right away.

Living in Canada, we don’t get a lot of the smaller brands like Wet & Wild and Milani. Well, we get them, just don’t get full lines or all the product releases. So when I found these babies I was pretty excited. 

Enter the Color Icon Blush & Glow Trios in Fair Trade Coffee and Solar Powered.Color Iconhighlightersopenhighlightbronzer

Fair Trade Coffee $4.99

(on the right)

This is the lighter of the two which is surprising because when I look at these names I would have assumed they would be switched. The highlight is very shimmery white and pigmented. The blush is a slight shimmery pink and is beautiful if your going for a pink look instead of just an everyday wear. The bronzer is the closest to matte as you get in all six of these shades however is not acceptable for contouring because it is much too shimmery.  IMG_1344

The photo is pulling orange a bit however the bronzer is not at all orange. You notice the orange by the way my skin looks. I am not an oompa loompa. Oddly enough though, the blush and highlight shades look exactly as they should. Staying power on the blush is great. I found the highlight wore off after a few hours.

Solar Powered $4.99

(on the left)

I prefer this with my summer skin. The bronzers look dark in the swatches but I have actually been using these as a sort of bronzer/highlight. They give me this perfect highlighted glow without making me look sweaty or slimy. (Which yes I know, gross enough is a problem I have in summer). The blush is also a fantastic shade for me for summer and is a close dupe for Melba by Mac.

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