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Milani Color Statement Nail Polish | Another Pleasant Surprise

I have been trying to really branch out lately and give my wallet a break, so if anyone hasn’t noticed I have been picking up quite a few random drugstore products. Basically if I finds it, and I likes it, I buys it. (if its cheaps)

Today we have a review of a Milani Colour statement nail polish which oddly enough doesn’t have  a name on it.

My girlfriend and I both gave this a go when I picked it up. She used one coat and no top or base coat. It lasted almost a whole week and wore well. It gave off just enough coverage to be subtle enough for her for work but fun enough to be girly and summery. She picked it off instead of trying to fight with acetone and glitter.MilaniColorStatement

I did two coats with a base and a top coat and it also lasted a week. So the good thing about this is that we know it’s not completely necessary to have the extra steps. Mine looked more opaque with the two coats and showed the big chunks of glitter over what seemed like a plain gold polish.

This is such a beautiful gold and rose gold shade and is different from anything else in my collection which is something that is very important to me.  Another thing I thought was amazing was that the top of the bottle is a pretty significant swatch of whats in the container, so it’s easy to see what you are dealing with when you are picking this up. If I remember correctly this little lady was $4.99 from the Super Store in Canada.

My only complaint as with any glitter polish is that it takes FOREVER to take off, even with acetone soaking of the nails. Something that does help with this though is the Sephora Glitter remover polish. (it basically is just a polish remover with a brillow pad type doo-hickey inside it)

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12 thoughts on “Milani Color Statement Nail Polish | Another Pleasant Surprise”

  1. I haven’t tried Milani polish in a longggggggg time. As in, the packaging was totally different, haha. The reason why is because the formula would take FOREVER to dry. Even after 2 hours it would still smudge!! But this sounds much better. I don’t like fighting with glitter either, but I totally want to check out some of their colored ones now 🙂 Great review!

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  2. I saw a hack some time ago using elmer’s glue as a base coat for glitter polish for ease of removal later as you’ll just be able to peel. Not sure how it would affect the look/adherence of the polish but could be worht a try. Pretty color by the way.


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