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Upcoming Beauty Releases

There are so many amazing things coming out in the next few months. I can’t even contain myself. I am sitting over here behind my computer in no makeup wanting to smack my face into the screen to see if I can get any of it on my face early. (It’s not worked yet, but I figure one day it might). So let’s get started, these are some of the items that have come out recently or will be coming out.  

Lorac Pro Metals

Photo from
Photo from

Personally I will likely be passing on this little guy. The colours are beautiful but owning the other Pro series palettes the shades have been repeated, so unless I specifically wanted this to be able to travel with, it’s not a purchase I need to make for my collection.  This is currently only available at Ulta and (Sad Canada).

Urban Decay Naked Smokes

Photo from
Photo from

This one is a pretty safe bet that I will buy it. I need to have a real close look at it before I decide but I know I will have the compulsion to keep up with the Naked line, and make sure my collection is complete. I am wondering if it is basically just a relaunch of the original smokes. It is launching Mid July.

Too Faced Love Palette

Too Faced love palette

I think the name is the best part for sure, because damn, do I love a good palette. This little lady is adorable with it’s heart shaped shadows, it reminds me a lot of how the old return of sexy layout, but with a bit of pizazz added. This has also already launched on and you can find it here.

Smashbox #Shapematters PaletteShapematters

I am DEFINITLY going to be picking this up soon. It is currently on Sephora’s website and has been consistently calling to me since it released. I have panned out all of the setting powders on my KVD Shadelight contour palette so I need a replacement anyway!

What are some of the products you are looking forward to their release? I hope you enjoyed these new products and don’t forget to sign up for email updates, over on the sidebar for more posts!

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3 thoughts on “Upcoming Beauty Releases”

  1. I think I’m mostly excited for the Lorac Pro mini thing. I don’t own anything from Lorac but I totally see why you say you will pass if you own some of their other palettes. As for the UD Smokey palette? I don’t own any Naked palettes either so I don’t feel the compulsion to buy it. I did recently order the Naked 2, so we’ll see how it goes once I actually have it in my claws (I’d love to reach through the computer to grab something hehe…). But I’m not really into uber dramatic smokey eyes. It does look pretty different from the Smoked palette though so if you own it I don’t think anything will be duped… I gotta tell you though, all these fall colors are making me eager to skip summer!!!

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